How To Create Hollywood Waves

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How To Create Gorgeous, Old Hollywood Waves

If you have been paying attention to red carpets and fashion runways, you can see that old Hollywood waves are a huge favorite for formal events. Old Hollywood waves have been spotted on celebs like Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Kate Hudson. Taking cues from the red carpet, here’s how you can replicate this retro glam hairstyle and make it your own.

Step 1 – Evaluate Your Hair

Start with straight and smooth hair. If you have thick curly hair, you should apply a heat-protecting serum, blow dry your hair first and then run a flat-iron through your hair to smooth it.

Step 2 – Set Up the Side Part

Next, you want to part your hair, deep onto one side. This is what makes this hairstyle glam and sexy. Experiment with different sides to see which one works for you.

Step 3 – Start Curling Your Hair

You can get old Hollywood waves with either a curling iron or hot rollers. If you use hot rollers, set them up in your hair and wait for them to cool. If you work with a curling iron, you’ll need to curl your hair in one-inch sections. Use either a one-inch wand or a one-inch barrel curling iron and work from top to bottom fully wrapping each section of your hair around the curling iron. Repeat this step for each one-inch section.

Make sure that you’re curling the sections in the same direction. Analyze your curls, if you don’t see a perfect curl pattern redo that section.

TIP: If you want waves with more volume, you can secure each section after curling with bobby pins. Just be careful not to burn yourself when you take the barrel of your curls.

Step 4 – Complete and Style Your Waves

Once you’re done curling your hair, spray with a medium hold hairspray. Let the hairspray cool for about five minutes. Next, you’re going to smooth your curls by using a fine tooth comb to brush them into one big swoop, but in the same direction. I know that this step seems weird, since you worked really hard to curl your hair, but trust that this will work.

Comb your hair until it looks like you have one giant curl or the same curl pattern. Apply more hairspray while you comb or redo a hair section with your barrel if necessary. Stop brushing if you’re happy with your waves and style them however you desire. You can tuck a front section behind one ear or secure one side up with a vintage barrette. When you’re done styling your waves, lightly spray all over your head to hold the style.

If you’re recreating old Hollywood waves for your wedding or a formal event, it’s best to book a trial with your hair stylist. You can bring her a photo for inspiration of your favorite celeb spotting the hairstyle. Remember that you can brainstorm ideas together to make this hairstyle your own.

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